16:00 – 16:05
Welcome and Editorial opening remarks Ashwani Mishra, Editor – Technology, ET Edge Insights
16:05 – 16:45
Tech Panel: Innovating to Stay Ahead of the Curve: Roadblocks & Opportunities Shaping the Future of Manufacturing

Amidst a constantly evolving macro-environment, manufacturing leaders are seeking to redefine their strategies in response to emerging trends such as autonomous vehicles, alternative energies, nearshoring, and labour reskilling. By embracing these transformative opportunities, businesses can unlock a brighter future for operations, characterized by agility, innovation, and sustainability.

Moderator: Ashwani Mishra, Editor – Technology, ET Edge Insights

16:45 – 17:15
Data Transformation Journey: Case Study by Adani Group CIO/CTO

Today’s manufacturing CIOs are responsible for a wide variety of issues on the shop floor, ranging from IoT security to supporting business operations and modernizing the smart factory. They are always looking for new ways to innovate, reduce cost, enhance production, accelerate change and optimize operations. The session will discuss what’s working and what are the concerns.

Speakers: CTO/CIO from Adani Group

17:15 – 17:20
Closing Remarks Ashwani Mishra, Editor – Technology, ET Edge Insights
Agenda is work in progress and subject to changes
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